Jocular Theatre | The Nature and Purpose of the Universe
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The Nature and Purpose of the Universe

Category: 2006-2008


by Christopher Durang
June, 2008

Eleanor Mann is a miserably unhappy housewife in New Jersey. Her three sons are disgraces, her religious fanatic husband beats her, and her vacuum cleaner doesn’t work. In a dark comedy homage to the Book of Job in the Bible, two angels sent down by God drive poor Eleanor to distraction. Along the way, the Pope is kidnapped and accidentally killed and poor Eleanor falls into deep despair, when in Iceland she faces one final overwhelming disappointment that pushes her over the edge.


The Actor’s Nightmare
George Spelvin … Joshua Zamrycki
Meg, the stage manager … Lisa Coleman
Sarah Siddons … Josie Murphy
Dame Ellen Terry … Jasmine Deeks
Henry Irving … Rob Paterson

The Nature and Purpose of the Universe
Ronald … Peter Coldham
Elaine May Alcott … Jenny Beacraft
Steve Mann … Julian Dykmans
Eleanor Mann … Johanna Marvel
Donald Mann … Mauricio Salinas
Andy Mann … Benjamin Serio
Gary Mann … James Carter
Coach Griffin / The Pope … Christopher Hood
Ralph / Father Anthony … David Llamas Pye


Director / Producer … Joshua Zamrycki
Light and Sound Design … Joshua Zamrycki


Set construction … Ed de Wolf
Light and Sound Technician … James Casey
Costumes … Marta Wendlinger