Jocular Theatre | ABOUT US
Jocular Theatre is dedicated to bringing quality theatre in English to Barcelona's ever-increasing international community.
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1. characterized by joking and good humour; full of fun
[from Latin joculāris, from joculus little joke]
[synonyms: humorous, funny, witty, comical, jokey, hilarious, playful]

Jocular Theatre is an independent theatre company dedicated to bringing professional-quality theatre in English to Barcelona’s ever-increasing international community. Our mission is to challenge, entertain, turn some stomachs, and, you know… make people laugh. Working with a versatile cast and crew from around the world, we produce kick-ass dark comedies with heart, meant to tickle the most twisted of funny bones.

Jocular Theatre was founded in 2003 by Director Joshua Zamrycki (that was a long time ago!) and has since brought to the Barcelona stage 20 full-scale productions. We have a dedicated following of both English-speaking expats and locals who appreciate the chance to see professional-quality English-language theatre without having to travel to London or New York.