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Ives’ Shorts

Category: 2012-2014

Ives shorts poster

by David Ives
December, 2012

Ives’ Shorts is a collection of six witty and wildly original one-acts by playwright David Ives, teeming with hilarious characters pondering life’s metaphysical questions… just like you! In these plays, a washing machine repairman falls in love with a perfect washer; two Babylonian blue-collar workers have to build the Tower of Babel; an American tourist in pain seeks medical help from a wacky souvenir seller; and more!


Degas, Cest Moi
(dir. by Joshua Zamrycki)
Ed … Nick Chapman
Doris, Homeless Person … Rebecca Day
Driver, OTB Worker … Eric Kallin
Newsguy, Museum Guard … James Giblin
Young Woman … Anna Hultén
Unemployment Worker … Grace Swordy

Arabian Nights
(directed by Jenny Beacraft)
Norman … Evan Schweitzer
Interpreter … Lorna Duffy
Flora … Rebecca Day

Lives of the Saints
(dir. by Jo Marvel)
Edna … Kayleigh Cassidy
Flo … Siobhán Sheehan
Assistant … Anna Hultén

Dr. Fritz, or: The Forces of Light
(dir. by Jenny Beacraft)
Maria … Siobhán Sheehan
Tom … John Lane

Babel’s in Arms
(dir. by Joshua Zamrycki)
Gorph … Noah Levin
Cannaphlit … Stephan Wiks
Eunuch … Evan Schweitzer
Priestess … Siobhán Sheehan
Businesswoman … Clare Tutte

Soap Opera
(dir. by Jo Marvel)
Maitre D’, Madman … John Lane
Repairman … Evan Schweitzer
Mabel … Hani Gurung Khaursar
The Machine … Grace Swordy

Producer … Joshua Zamrycki
Soap Opera Art Design … Jennie Ball
Lighting and Sound Design … Joshua Zamrycki
Publicity Design … Frankie De Leonardis


Costumes … Suzana Stojanovic
Sets / Props … Jeremie DayGlider, Ella Galt, Noelle Cronin
Lighting and Sound Technician … Joshua Zamrycki