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All in the Timing

Category: 2003-2005


by David Ives
November, 2004

People say comedy is all in the timing, but what about the questions they pose? For example, what would you do if you had an axe stuck in your head? How many years would it take a room full of monkeys to type up Hamlet? How does Phillip Glass buy a loaf of bread? David Ives, with his linguistic pyrotechnics and techniques designed to deliberately disorient the audience, answers these questions and more in this witty and sharp collection of short plays.


Sure Thing
(directed by Sophie Heydel)
Bill … Joshua Zamrycki
Betty … Amber Ockrassa

Words, Words, Words
(dir. by Sophie Heydel)
Milton … Ewan Watson
Swift … Dermot Arrigan
Kafka … Jan Clayton

The Universal Language
(dir. by Joshua Zamrycki)
Dawn … Debora Cytrynowicz
Don … Piers Veness
Young Man … Joshua Zamrycki

Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread
(dir. by Joshua Zamrycki)
First Woman … Jan Clayton
Second Woman … Amber Ockrassa
Philip Glass … Steffan K
Baker … Dermot Arrigan

Mere Mortals
(dir. by Joshua Zamrycki)
Joe … Ewan Watson
Charlie … Chris Hood
Frank … Piers Veness

Variations on the Death of Trotsky
(dir. by Joshua Zamrycki)
Trotsky … Derek Zinger
Mrs. Trotsky … Julie Nash
Ramon … Joshua Zamrycki


Producer … Joshua Zamrycki
Choreography … Jan Clayton, Joshua Zamrycki
Lighting and Sound Design … Joshua Zamrycki
Publicity Design … Joshua Zamrycki


Set Construction … Ed de Wolf
Lighting Technicians … Sophie Heydel, Debora Cytrynowicz
Stage Hands … Pauline Morel, Lenka Mares