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Hand to God

Category: 2015-2017

Hand to God


When & Where

Wednesday, 29 November at 8pm
Thursday, 30 November at 8pm
Friday, 1 December at 8pm
Saturday, 2 December at 8pm
Sunday, 3 December at 6pm
Wednesday, 6 December at 8pm
Thursday, 7 December at 8pm
Friday, 8 December at 8pm
Saturday, 9 December at 8pm
Sunday, 10 December at 6pm

Almeria Teatre
C/ Sant Lluís, 64
metro: L4 Joanic

Fundació Cultural Hostafrancs

by Robert Askins
November 29 – December 10, 2017

As far as dark comedies go, Jocular Theatre’s 19th production, Hand to God, is the king of them all. Robert Askins’s outrageous new play will be poking at our sensitivities – with the help of a hilariously evil puppet – from the 29th of November to the 10th of December at the Almeria Teatre.

Directed by James Giblin, the Tony-nominated Hand To God recklessly drives us through a dangerously honest highway of destruction that is not recommended for the faint of heart – or for children under 16. Jason (Joshua Zamrycki) is a quiet teenager who, after the death of his father, finds an unlikely companion in his puppet, Tyrone. The unforgiving threads of loss and loneliness pull our hero in every direction while he tries to restrain the increasingly independent little delinquent that inhabits his left arm. Alex Borstein plays Margery, Jason’s mother, a woman trying – unsuccessfully- to juggle the puppet ministry, unexpected sexual desires, her own sanity, and the possible possession of her son by the Devil.

Kevin Cahill, Sarah Stearns, and Zachary Jost complete the cast of this hysterical zero-nonsense story of family, love, sex, violence, and the blurred rules of good and evil. In the words of The New York Times, “What makes the play so sneakily resonant is how Mr. Askins exposes the base impulses, the sexual, self-destructive, potentially violent ones, that just about everyone harbours.” The church-goers of Cypress, Texas prance around on an impressive spinning set to the beat of Tyrone’s demonic commands while Jason desperately struggles between freeing himself from his satanic puppet and giving in to chaos completely.

“Askins is smart and engaged enough that even the play’s most outrageous actions seem grounded in character.” (The Guardian) When sadness turns to anger under the heavy lid of repression, all hell breaks loose. Finding each other in desperate times – even if pushed by the darkest of impulses – might be the only way back to ourselves.


Margery … Alex Borstein
Jason/Tyrone … Joshua Zamrycki
Pastor Greg … Kevin Cahill
Jessica/Jolene … Sarah Stearns
Timmy … Zachary Jost


Director … James Giblin
Assistant Director / Puppet Coach … Annie O’Callaghan
Lighting Design … Hartley T A Kemp
Set Design … Michael Harper and May Terraz
Costume Design … May Terraz
Puppet Design … Ruth Walters
Musical Consultant … Jonathan Glanzberg
Sound Design … Joshua Zamrycki
Publicity Design … Frankie De Leonardis

Stage Managers … Georgina Grisold and Ryan Blackburn
Props and Costumes … Kristina Borg, Thérèse Hoben, Holly Duncan, Jeremie DayGlider
Set Construction … Ed de Wolf, Michael Harper, Jaizki Harper
Set Painting … Jeremie DayGlider, Kristina Borg, Thérèse Hoben
Run crew … Georgina Grisold, Holly Duncan, Jaizki Harper