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Jocular Theatre is dedicated to bringing quality theatre in English to Barcelona's ever-increasing international community.
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Category: 2015-2017


by Nick Payne
November 10 – November 20, 2016

Roland (a bee keeper) and Marianne (a theoretical physicist) meet at a party. In that single moment, an unfathomable multitude of possibilities unfold. Their chance meeting might blossom into a meaningful relationship or a brief affair: it might lead to nothing at all. Each step along those possible paths in turn offers a new series of potential outcomes: a marriage can exist alongside a breakup and a tragic illness can exist on a parallel plane to a happily ever after. In this clever, eloquent and moving story, Roland and Marianne’s romance plays out over a myriad of possible lifetimes, capturing the extraordinary richness of being alive in the universe.


Marianne … Rebecca Ronayne
Roland … Joshua Zamrycki


Director … Sophie Heydel
Lighting Design … Hartley T A Kemp
Sound Design … Julian Jahanpour
Publicity Design … Frankie De Leonardis
Producer … Joshua Zamrycki


Production Assistant … Annie O’Callaghan
Stage Managers / Technical Operators … Annie O’Callaghan and Emma Sottardi
Venue Technician … Juantxi Fernández